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Our Commitment

Ownership- Garling Construction, Inc. is a family owned and operated business with small town roots and family values.

Expertise- Garling Construction, Inc. has the experience and depth to provide a complete range of services and retain a high level of personal service.

Communication- Garling Construction, Inc. project managers and owners are directly involved in the day to day operations on all levels.

Timeliness- Garling Construction, Inc. has an excellent record for completing projects on time and without sacrificing quality.

Employees- Garling Construction, Inc. has employees who help retain quality control and work with a sense of loyalty and pride.

Competitive PricingGarling Construction, Inc. will search out qualified subcontractors and suppliers to furnish and deliver exceptional quality at competitive prices.

Owner InvolvementGarling Construction, Inc. encourages the owner to be involved in the design issues, budget review, and selection services to enhance their complete understanding of final product and cost.

Competitive Bid MarketGarling Construction, Inc. is actively involved in the competitive bid market which mandates cost effectiveness and efficiency.

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