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Success Strategy

"We Listen and Hear"

Our clients tell us that one of our strengths is that we listen to what they have to say and our buildings indicate that we understand what they need. Part of this comes from a total commitment as a partner to the entire process from the first day forward. Our job is not to build what we want, but what you need. This requires that we truly understand what you do, and what physical facilities you need to succeed. Communication is an integral part of insuring that success.

"Quality Built to Last"

We believe our buildings are built to last. To achieve this endeavor we are constantly reviewing and evaluating materials and building techniques that allow us to create a structure which will last and will be easy to maintain. We treat each and every project, large or small, with the same attention to quality and craftsmanship. From our point of view, it is not a building just for today - it is a building for many generations to come.

"Doing it Right the First Time"

Although we are concerned about our bottom line, we also know that projects will not be successful unless we spend the time it takes to do it correctly. We are service providers and that means we need to provide all the services required to make the project proceed correctly and timely. At Garling Construction “measure twice - cut once” isn’t just a quaint saying, but a way of doing business.

"Honest and Cost Conscious"

Our project costs are not filled with guessing; they are based on the actual cost to build the project. That means more of your dollars will go toward your building. We present projects where conditions, expectations, and costs are well documented.

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